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The "one million" meal at ivory tower.

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The "one million" ivory tower.
Known as a phenomenon of the global food industry to the designation. When you have a special evening at the restaurant "Mezza Luna" on "The Dome" Ivory Tower of London. By offering an elegant French dinner in the shimmer for each one million baht + + for Epicurean Master of The World II to be held on the night of Saturday, Feb. 10, just one night. Limited seats only 50 and up.

I'd put together a cacophony that was rabbits, turtles. Or uppercut from the sky down to a plate or ornament. The price is so high. "One million" is not an option, because I had to add the 7% tax and service charge and 10% as well as meals that cost includes the 1,170,000 baht are questions as to how many people like to eat.

The organizers of the Mr. Deepak Ohri The Dome's management said that if it is not the surfing world, then the depth of the fan as well as fine French food and wine would be suspicious of me. But for those who know the depth to suit organization's reputation or 3-star chef of the Michelin's. The highest levels of the food they need to move with her intrigued me because the menu style unfinished and splendor of the "one million" is to collect food for the suit organizations with 3-star and two star Michelin. Number 9 people (in the suit were the two organizations) who flew directly from France, Italy and Germany intend to compete at the famous dishes of the poor is well known throughout the world. Savings are not made for this particular work.

When you see the names of each organization to suit. I must interject a world of excitement. That suit organizations with 3 stars, the highest level, it is up to 8 people and only 2 stars. Each of these has been the third consecutive 5-7 years ago, there are two stars who were then in the second position with a red star and the star 3 in the near future.

More importantly, the chef, or an invitation to suit individual organizations. Voluntary work is not easy to simultaneously call for the money, it will come as much of this. And what the details will be asked to do more as a team to prepare materials and equipment for kitchen, individual preferences. Each person will have a different profile. These are the preparations that need to be planned months in advance for a long time.

Material that will help make dinner reservations for this meal. In addition to a chef at the Michelin's. View from the menu that comes with a list of champagnes and wines for each of the next. Having said that, there's only so much I bought a drink. The participants will have drinks with a side dish. Are to be retained on the list of products that have the money to buy them easily.

It is important that. All food items have been matched with a Wine Master Alun Griffiths, wine, or even more of the world. Shall be secured without any dispute.
The suit on behalf of the organization are as follows.

Heinz Winkler Residenz Heinz Winkler of Germany, who won the nation's top chef at the age of 31 years and has three Michelin stars since then to 18 years, starting as a teacher of German and French food industry. Capacity building to future generations in a suit, followed by the most skilled and professional non-stop.

Alain Soliveres of Taillevent in Paris, France no I do not know the restaurant is most famous for this. The book is a most difficult one of all Paris. With a reputation for great-tasting food from a suit made by management, who received a three star Michelin. In the fresh herbs used in Mediterranean cooking. To the service. Wine Cellar in the collection of rare and fine wines of France. And decorated with beautiful red and has been a symbol of five utensils with Michelin.

Antoine Westermann Buerthiesel city of Strasbourg, France, the essence of local cuisine and high class kitchens of France. Together beautifully. Received praise from all circles of France is very much. The talent to cook and decorate the most beautiful high class food.

Jean-Micheal Lorain of La Cote St.Jacques in Joigny, France's most famous rivers of Yvonne was awarded three Michelin stars for the first time since years. Fri 1986 is currently one of the most famous restaurant in the Burgundy region of the highly popular French gourmand.

Marc Meneau of the Burgundy region of France L'Esperence Vezelay from a family of wine merchants. It has been known to the skilled positions. "Suit Organization of the Year of France" and the third Michelin star for the first time in years. Fri 1983 is reputed to have the skills to cook the cuisine and noble dynasty of his. Europe and the heads of major powers. That came to him, especially when the opportunity to visit France.

Annie Feolde Enoteca Pinchiorri city of Firenze, Italy, to suit the organization's first woman awarded three stars by Michelin when the year. Fri 2004 a delicious dish with the traditional cuisine of the Tuscany region, combined with the cooking. France are familiar, but she was young. With meticulous and delicate as it is known throughout the world.
Luisa Valazza of Al Sorriso Italian city of Milano is an Italian suit and organizations were given three stars by Michelin North. Is the successor to cook various dishes with local ingredients and the name of the Piedmont region of Northern Territory is known for great food and wine of Italy.

Heinz Beck of La Pergola del Cavalieri Hilton in Roma, Italy, was born and raised in Germany. Experience at the young age of the motherland and a student of Heinz Winkler build skills and grow it, and won the esteem the Foyer des Artistes at the age of 30 years, then joined the La Pergola on 12 years before the time. just two years, it has been a star La Pergola, 3, and was elected to do. "The best in Italy" style food, he is a new technique to preserve the consistency and taste of a dish decorated with stunning beauty.

Jacques Lameloise of Les Lameloise in Chagny, France 2 suit organizations of Michelle Lynn. The work experience of the other luxury 2-3 star Michelin restaurants in Paris and almost all that Lucas Carton, Le Doyen, Lasserre. Which are each to receive a 5 Spoon the red Michelin's total. Experience was more than enough to run all of the family, handed down from fathers as well as one of the most famous restaurant in the Burgundy region maintains its unique local cuisine of the French high kitchen.

The suit, organization, or a crafty chefs to gather together. In short, the city that never appeared before in Thailand then. All food dishes are food ingredients and the best in the world is Beluga Caviar from Iran, Foie gras premier of Toulouse, France, beef Kobe beef from Japan, shrimp, Cray fish from the South Pole, lobster Brittany lobster from the Atlantic Ocean. , Black truffle mushrooms from the forests of the Perigord, a pigeon from Bresse, egg blue, the trees of the forest region. Burgundy, France and Germany as an example of raw veal cheeks to suit everyone in the organization of the individual. Best of all is that it is fully cooked.

The menu offers a menu of sweet and savory, sorted out from the 10 courses, each course will have champagne, red wine, white wine and served with a sweet wine for 10 species. To each dish and taste the best. This ensures that the meals will be in memory of those who attended, this one lasting.

Despite the millions of people panic when they hear the house for dinner, this elegant meal. But this book is almost a full day's work. This is a list of all foreigners from Japan, and gradually close the book was continuous.

In the other corner. The dinner meal is more than 50 million, would mean not to enter the country. Yes, but only because the food alone. That means the cost of the wealthy have money now to travel to Thailand to purchase a travel allowance for meals and other accommodations. And miscellaneous expenses during the stay in the country. The calculations are rough, but I know for a large sum of money to live in, not "credit" or reputation of this event. The proverbial ear to the wealthy. That may not be news or just news. To publicize the event to be held in the coming years as well.

The human desire to be different. Some people may think that the reason for the extravagant. Some think that this sum of money to do next. Some rich people may have been accumulating expensive watches. Some jewelry collection. Some people collect cars. Some people prefer to keep their money in a bank only.

But for those who are equipped and willing to pay for this meal. The joy is to soak up the flavors of foods and drinks each. Plain Dealer, which is fine. The most rare and wonderful. To receive in a time of delight. The elegant atmosphere of the high towers. The eyes are uninterrupted views of the Bangkok nightlife. Night life is one of the brand in memory and learning in fuzzy This is one of the "second time by the" already.

Alun Griffiths, wine guru who fulfill their dream.

French food and wine matching is that it does not cost anything. All the dishes prepared by talented chefs who cook the wine must be served with it. Often with Semmellier wine connoisseur as well.

But "the more" this time the wine is one of 225 Wine Master Alun Griffiths or guru who has passed the wine selection very difficult.

Current Alun Griffiths Age: 53 years since graduating from university at the age of 22 years, he jumped into the wine trade infrastructures. During the year. Fri From 1987-1992 he was the shine of the wine trade has been the Wine Buyer for Fortnum & Mason store in the historic district Campi The Daily food and wine in the world. The popular history of the elite since the feudal era.

During the year. Fri 1991 he entered the race for the Wine Master, which he succeeded. He also received an award from Madame Bollinger Foundation Medal, an award given to those who have the highest score of the exam each time.

Four years later, he played a key role in being a member of the Institute of Master of Wine Education Committee as a Tutor to the participants in the exam to become a Master of Wine in the following years and also held a Wine Tasting by. sources. To disseminate knowledge about wine is widespread throughout Britain. And today he continues to check every corner of the written exam.

Alun Griffiths continued to travel to different places. To give lectures about wine and one of the team's decision. International Wine Challenge, held annually in London. A member of Decanter Magazine Tasting Panel as well.

During the year. Fri 1992 -1994, he moved to the position of Wine Buyer for Harrods department store on Knightsbridge. London's most famous department store. Anyone know which store to buy the rarest and most expensive wines are not here.

Mid-year. Fri 1994, he has been approached from Berry Bros. & Rudd to the position of manager of the airport duty-Heathrow Terminal 3, where his work was a record sales of wine.

The current position of Wine Director Alun Griffiths of Berry Bros. & Rudd. Which is the world's most famous wine trade. The company was established since the 17th century, located in St.James Street in London.

And for "the more" this is the master of his chosen Alun Griffiths, wine and champagne, red and white wines of great French wines that are rare and in the world. Consistent with each dish perfectly. The list is as follows.

- 1999 Louis Roederer Cristal.
- 1995 Krug Clos du Mesnil.

Vin Blanc:.
- 2000 Corton-Chalemagne,.
- Domaine Jean Francoise Coche-Dury.
- 1996 Le Montrachet, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti.
- 1985 Romanee-Conti, Domaine de la Romanee-conti.

Vin Rouge.
- 1961 Chateau Palmer.
- 1959 Chateau Mouton Rothschild.
- 1961 Chateau Haut-Brion.
- 1955 Chateau Latour.

And, for dessert.
- 1967 Chateau d'Yquem.

Thai Wine for illuminating the immigrant family is of the opinion that the selection of the wine. "It is admirable. The reputation of the company, Berry Bros. & Rudd have already secured. In the quality of each wine. Because wine bottles of all types are derived from the same source. Maintain the same standard. And transport and storage will be standard practice for the great wines of the world. Be very careful. To open the bottle and pour into the glass of each consumer. It is certain that all people have been drinking wine all have the same ".